Pro Hunter x 1290 SQM

19 December, 2017

Pro Hunter partnered up with 1290 SQM to mark their 15th anniversary with a bespoke Daytona limited to 15 pieces.

1290 square meters was launched by Ido de Voos, and ex-banker who always had an eye for fashion and opportunity. Starting with a 90sqm store, that grew to 290sqm and now 1290sqm, it has established itself as a 'come and find me store'. In addition to selling products and launching art shows more unique projects have found their way to 90 square meters. A few years ago, Nike launched their world premier shoe project Nike id at 90 square meters. The first shop in the world where lovers of discovery could create their own custom Nikes.

In 2018 the company celebrates its 15th anniversary, and wanted to create a special piece to commemorate this milestone. Their first ever collaboration celebrating 15 years in retail comes from an unexpected corner. Owners Ido and Ali partnered with Pro Hunter on a Rolex Daytona model. The goal was to offer a uniquely elegant and minimal design built on everyone's favorite Rolex platform, the Daytona. After a year of design and finish refinement we are proud to offer a watch championing the modern 1290 SQM design aesthetic on the most sought after model in Rolex history. The resulting dial is inspired by a 1960's vintage "Singer dial" design. In total there are 15 of these watches in existence, with each numbered on the case back.

See the final design and details of the collaboration here.