Baselworld 2016: Steel Rolex Sports Watch Highlights

24 March, 2016

It is that time of year again when Rolex has got all of us holding our breaths. What inspiring, innovative, inimitable timepieces are going to be added to Rolex's history? Here is the answer:

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN


Since the release of the Chocolate Daytona and the 50th Anniversary Daytona we knew a Steel Daytona with Rolex's signature Cerachrom Bezel was in the pipeline and here you have it. The watch that the world has been waiting for.

The new Daytona comes in black and white dial versions with black Cerachrom bezel with subtle changes to the dial. It will no doubt be the most sought-after watch for years to come with Rolex most likely to limit its supply initially. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on this watch, you know that you have acquired the last piece in the Daytona's iconic history.

Rolex Air-King 116900


The new Rolex Air-King is the perfect entry-level sports watch. Originally introduced in 1945, the Air-King was created as part of the ‘Air Series’ to honour the RAF pilots of Battle of Britain in WWII. With many upgrades and technical changes along its way, the Air-King joins the ranks as one of Rolex's longest produced sports watches and Rolex has honoured that with a 2016 upgrade.

Perhaps the largest version of this model to be made, the dial is one of the most pleasing and captivating dials to be made for this model. It has a mixture of Arabic numerals with the signature Explorer-esque 3, 6, 9 traditional to the Air-King. Although, this watch has many aesthetic and technical upgrades our favourite is the use of the original Air-King text on the dial used in the 1950s.

Rolex Explorer 214270

And speaking of: the Rolex Explorer has come with some subtle yet welcomed additions. With the new Chromalight lume and larger handset, these small yet integral changes have delicately refined the watch. Another great entry-level sports watch.

There was an air of excitement at this year's Rolex stand with due credit. The new sports watches are testament to the continual evolution and story that is Rolex and its ability to create and redesign spectacular timepieces. No doubt, you will be seeing the Pro Hunter models arrive soon.