Pro Hunter x Inkadelic Tattooing Ibiza

10 October, 2015

Pro Hunter has collaborated with Inkadelic Tattooing to bring you the ultimate luxury in watches. Working with tattooist to the stars Neil Ahern in Ibiza, the idea is to wear your tattoo on your wrist, extending the reach of your personality and style from your skin to your watch.

You also have the luxury of owning a watch pre-designed by Neil with 3 different dial and strap designs to choose from, limited to 25 pieces, each individually numbered, ensuring true exclusivity. The three designs include the skull, geometric art and the gold lotus, all highly influential in their part in Neil?s creative genius.

Neil Ahern is an acclaimed tattoo artist, influencer, designer, mentor and story teller. Always after the perfect line, his style is never boxed off, but rather prides itself on old techniques and ethics. He is a deep soul with a bounty of knowledge in many areas, spanning varying genres, all in aid of his artistic arsenal. DJs Mark Ronson and David Morales, designer Marc Jacobs, and friends Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, are just a snapshot of his clientele in addition to the thousands of clients flying or yachting in for his clean lines and direct bedside manor.

Discover how to create your bespoke Inkadelic timepiece here.