The Pro Hunter Sea Dweller Returns

1 September, 2014

After a 4 year absence the Classic Sea-Dweller returns to the Pro Hunter line up.

The 40mm Sea-Dweller was discontinued by Rolex in 2010 to be replaced by the 44mm Deepsea, although the Deepsea was a major success, there was something missing. The Sea-Dweller has been in the Rolex catalogues since 1967, so it is a historically important model.

Revamped with a ceramic insert and a matte dial, and with the Pro Hunter treatment, this will be a modern day classic.

The original Pro Hunter Military Double Red Sea-Dweller was one our first models introduced circa 2005 limited to only 100 pieces. It was SOLD OUT in 6 months, and commanded a 100% premium at auctions.

The Pro Hunter Sea-Dweller will be available in two styles, each being limited to only 100 pieces; the Pro Hunter Sea-Dweller with bracelet and the Pro Hunter Military Stealth Sea-Dweller.