Pro Hunter Green Honeycomb Milgauss

1 July, 2014

No Milgauss collection would be complete without a model that pays tribute to the honeycomb dial. The new Pro Hunter Green Honeycomb Milgauss is a customisation of a Rolex Milgauss 6541, which was originally created to withstand the effects of magnetism by creating a Faraday cage inside of the stainless steel Oyster case. A Faraday cage around the movement diverts magnetic fields and shields the entire movement. The honeycomb layer gives the dial an amazing 3D effect.

As with every Pro Hunter, we have maintained the spirit of the original Rolex creation and added our Pro Hunter touches - the green batons and lightning bolt second hand, the carbon matte black coating and a different honeycomb dial effect for each model to ensure every watch is unique.

The Pro Hunter Green Honeycomb Milgauss is limited to only 100 pieces.