Tempus Magazine: Paint it Black

26 May, 2014

Tempus Magazine: Paint it Black

When it comes to Rolex watch customisations, Pro Hunter is the brand to check. Originally designed as a robust timepiece for hunting - the black finish (not offered by Rolex itself) is non-reflective, thus unlikely to spook your sharp-eyed quarry - the collection is more subtle than many other 'pimp my Rolex' modifiers. These are sensitively done pieces, in other words, and would be sure to be coveted by even the staunchest Rolex traditionalists.

Think of Pro Hunter, then, to Rolex as AMG is to Mercedes-Benz - a modifier that adds value and interest to an already fine product. Indeed, the designs not only pay homage to the golden years of Rolex of the 1950s and 1960s, but are also faithful to the Rolex style and history. They are inspired by vintage models, such as the Daytona, with anti-reflective bezels, the 4-line James Bond big crowns, the Submariners specifically created for the Special Boat Squadron, and the near-mythical black coated Rolex Submariner made for a few British Army officers based in Africa.

 And while you might get short shrift if you tried to get your Pro Hunter serviced by Rolex, the fact that Pro Hunter only use original Swiss-made parts, coupled with the relative ease of working on Rolex movements, means that Pro HUnter has a number of highly trained staff in service centres around the world to work on their watches.

 The brand was set up by Kamal Choraria, one of the world's leading Rolex vintage sports watch dealers and the creator of the 'MK' dial classification (MK I, MK II, etc) which dates vintage Rolexes, allowing buyers to understand the true value of each watch and dial. His classification system is now used by all auction houses and Rolex dealers in the industry.