Square Mile: Hours of Darkness

8 May, 2014

Square Mile (Issue 90): Hours of Darkness

Pro Hunter was the first company to take the shine off vintage Rolex models - in a good way. Welcome to the dark side...

Pro Hunter's designs are inspired by vintage Rolex models such as the military Submariners specifically created for the special Boat Squadron, and the black-coated Rolex Submariner made for select British Army officers based in Africa. The anti-reflective coating and materials employed in Pro Hunter's line-up ensure the watches are ideal for hunting as they don't catch the sunlight. They work just as well in the urban jungle too.


Pro Hunter was the first company to begin personalising steel Rolex sports watches. This Steve McQueen Explorer II (GBP 14,950) is a great example. The original orange-hand Explorer was Steve McQueen's day-to-day watch. This updated version is finished in Diamond-Like Carbon case coating.