Pro Hunter Enamel Collection

23 October, 2013

The Pro Hunter Enamel Collection is here! In collaboration with uniquely talented enamellers, Pro Hunter Enamel will offer their signature Pro Hunter Rolex watches with Limited Edition customised enamel dials.

These dials have been made using the oldest enamelling technique – Le Champlevé method. Cavities are milled into a thick metal plate, leaving cells that are generally filled with opaque or translucent enamel. When all the cavities are completely filled up to the top, the piece is placed into the kiln. After cooling, the piece is sanded down (leaving it matte) and fired one more time to re-glaze the enamel.

Pro Hunter drew its inspiration from the rare vintage Rolex enamel dial watches from the '40s and '50s. During this time, the design of Rolex watches arrived at its peak, notably with the production of Cloisonné enamel dial wristwatches in conjunction with renowned artists such as Charles Poluzzi and Marguerite Koch. The design of these dials was extremely costly as they had to be individually made by a skilled craftsman and not on a production line. Consequently, only the important watches were fitted with these dials and they were considered the most unusual and attractive watches the company ever made and are thus highly collectable.

The Pro Hunter Enamel Collection will initially feature the Americas dial, and the Afrasia dial.