Cay Broendum

Cay Broeundum is an autodidact, independent artist based in Copenhagen. He has been commissioned all around the world to bring together people's passion for art and horology. He has collaborated with Pro Hunter to create bespoke limited edition art pieces, in both a combination of mixed media and canvas, that are only available on the Pro Hunter website.

The Pro Hunter Mixed Media artwork is a consolidation of several artistic techniques. They are uniquely made on newspaper covers, with a digitally manipulated photo collage on top and the Pro Hunter watch is hand-painted on the paper using ink, watercolor and pencil to reflect the craftsmanship in the watches. The large scale art pieces are created in the traditional artisan method, using solely oil and acrylic paints on canvas. The specific images are used to bring to life the essence of the timepiece whilst the quote included in each piece by a celebrated personality, completes the character of the artwork. Together with Pro Hunter, Cay Broendum has created works of art that blend together history and horology, aiming to blur the line between past, present and future.