We are proud to be the first company to personalise a range of limited edition steel Rolex sports watches, creating a collection of stunning and desirable timepieces.

Originally designed as a robust timepiece for hunting, the collection has now plugged the gap in the Rolex product line of sports watches, taking a classic watch into the modern era. The designs not only pay homage to the golden years of Rolex, but are also faithful to the Rolex style and history.

Our designs are inspired by Rolex vintage models such as Paul Newman Daytonas, Military Submariners specifically created for the Special Boat Squadron, and many other key models that shaped Rolex’s history.

No, a Pro Hunter is a high quality customisation of a Rolex sports watch. We have no affiliation with Rolex.
Yes, every Pro Hunter comes with a five year in-house warranty covering the case, dial and movement. Please see our Warranty Page for more details.
No, all Pro Hunters are customisations of brand new Rolex watches.
Under normal wear and tear condition the black coating will not wear off. If subjected to extreme abrasion against a hard, rough surface, such as a brick wall, then it can. However, the coating can be re-applied during a simple service.
Yes, a Pro Hunter retains all the properties of the underlying watch.
Five years for the service of the movement, and re-application of the case coating if necessary.
We will continue to bring out new lines, in a limited edition policy. However, we will not tap any existing lines.

No, unfortunately we aren’t able to customise your existing watch with or without Pro Hunter branding.

We do provide an authentication service and you can email [email protected] for more details.
Yes, we provide various straps in different colours and thickness in both nylon and exotic leather.