Antisocial Social Club unveils luxury collaborations


Anti Social Social Club is embarking on several luxury collaborations for its spring 2024 collection. The streetwear brand is joining forces with the likes of Rimowa, Maison Raksha, Pro Hunter and Goyard for customized, limited-edition styles. The items range in price from $1,600 to$29,000. “Our spring 2024 collection is a bold statement from our brand,” reads a statement from Anti Social Social Club. “We hope the luxury items in the collection — including notable collaborations with Pro Hunter and Maison Raksha– disrupt our seasonal drop and offer theAnti fan an exclusive and singular set of customizations. You won’t find our tag on luxury products like this anywhere else — and these are the only ones we’re making.”

The Pro Hunter Rolex watch, for instance, is designed with a matte black coating and the ASSC logo in a black high-gloss finish, as well as with grey and neon green accents. The brand stated the col or palette reflects ASSC’ s collaborations in motorsports.

“The ASSC and Pro Hunter brands both have cult followings and appeal to a demographic demanding something rare,” said Nikita Choraria, creative director of Pro Hunter. “Having followed the ASSC brand with admiration for many years, we were stoked to be approached by them for this one-of-a-kind collaboration. This collaboration with ASSC embodies the Pro Hunter’s values of rarity, stealth and high performance.”

Read the full article from WWD here: https://wwd.com/menswear-news/mens-accessories/anti-social-social-club-goyard-rimowa-collaborations-1236317593/


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